Monday, May 28, 2007

memorial day

We had so much fun at the "Beach" today. Really we just went to Buffalo Springs. Which is a lake by our house. But we played in the water and made sand castles and had lunch. The highlight was the wonderful background music.(spanish) we enjoyed the day with our friends the Bylunds. I will post some pictures later when I figure out how to do it.


Cathy said...

yay a blog!!! sounds fun. wish me and the boys were there!!

Im gonna miss you!!!!!

PS- the lady I interviewed with is recommending me for the final position...she has to submit it with the national organization!!

Cathy said...

ok let me know if this doesnt help.

when you are writing a new blog, that little strip at the top of where you write contains font, centering, etc. Towards the right side there is a little eraser and a check mark with the letters ABC. In between these there is a little icon that looks like sky and a mountain. Click that and it will take you to upload pictures. From there you can just browse your pics, then double click the ones you want and then click upload. You can only upload like 5 or 6 at a time.