Monday, October 1, 2007

Jaden's almost 6!

I can't believe that Jaden is going to be 6 in two days. The time goes by so quickly. He loves going to kindergarten. But it has been an adjustment. they go all day in texas! He is learning so much already. the other day he came home and wrote from 0-100. I was so proud of him and then he wrote a note to his teacher and it said"To mrs .wooldridge I love you!" and he made hearts all around it. He is so sweet .He is very excited about his birthday.

This is a funny story, His school had skate night the other day. He really wanted to go, so we went as a family. Jaden has never skated before. But he was so determined to do it, after seeing all the big kids. At first ben was pulling him around the rink, and then he wanted to do it alone. He kept falling down while holding onto the side. sometimes even in the splits. Ben and I were laughing so hard, we had to look away. It looked like he was drunk or something. He came back to the bench and started to cry because he couldn't do and because his butt hurt Im sure.But I was proud of him ,by the end of the night he could go for a little bit with out falling or holding onto the side. Then megan and jaden were playing on this blow up slide thing, and this girl said to me" hey Do you go to whiteside?" It took everything I had not to laugh. Then I said no but my son Jaden does. and she said" I knew it , I go to whiteside too!" ( hello, everyone there went to whiteside) I know I look young but common elementary school, that is pushing it! well, life just keeps on moving along, faster than we are ready for sometimes. Have a good day!


Cathy said...

I cannot either beleive Jaden is six! I remember when he was in your belly!!

That made me laugh when that girl asked you if you went to Whiteside.

Good post, chicken!

David said...

you are so funny! I found your blog through laura's. I didn't know that you and ben had a blog...but I'm happy i found it

I miss you...a miss scrapbooking with you

this is cynthia by the way...