Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Clause is coming to Town!

The Kids are so excited for christmas this year. Jaden had no problem sitting on santa's lap. Megan on the other hand she surprized us at the ward christmas party and finally did sit on his lap. what they want is ..
Jaden's list.. a green umbrella, and spiderman Pj's..
Megan's list.. a pink computer, pink chair, pink elephant with stripes.
Good luck santa finding these things in your work shop!
We are counting down the days and sining "Jingle bells " all day long.
Merry christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

HI. I love the pictures. Happy Graduation and Merry Christmas! We have been playing phone tag....I am calling you tomorrow, and hopefully we will be able to talk.
I miss ya. Give Jaden and Megan a hug from all of us. I am pretty sure you HAVE to move to Arizona. Tell Ben not to look at any other options :-)
I got a package from you the other day :-) I can't wait to open it on Christmas. Well, Love you and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Love, Aub
PS Does your store still have any 8x8 calendars left? If so I need you to buy me one and send it ASAP and I'll pay you back. I swear they don't sell that size anywhere in AZ or UT.

Anonymous said...

PPS hahaha. I just noticed how stiff Megan looks!! You can tell she was trying to be a big girl and sit on Santa, but she wasn't going to let her guard down! She is so stinkin' cute.

Cathy said...

Yep, good luck santa! Those are funny lists. I bet the pink striped elephant is in the little red box....has she put that down yet!

Laurel said...

Merry Christmas Nat!!! I hope you are all doing well. Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Natalie! It was so fun to go out and eat the other day! We should do it again next time I come to town! AMY