Monday, February 4, 2008

Aunt Trish and Uncle Mike

Uncle mike and Aunt Trish came to visit us while moving down to San Antonio. We are so excited that they will be closer to us. We had some good times while they were here. As much as you can in Lubbock).We did go bowling and Mike almost broke the bowling bar and Ben rolled megans ball into the lane next to us. It was a sight to see, it was so funny! Trish got to stay a few extra days. Jaden and megan just love her. Especially since she played "Hide and go Seek "every second of the day,oh and tag with the soft basketballs. She is a fun Aunt and fun to be around ...Trish and I got a little scrapbooking in which was so much fun ( thanks Trish).We look forward to seeing them again.
Well, we are not moving to houston anytime soon. But we are hanging in there and know that the lord is watching out for us and he knows whats best.We will keep you posted.

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