Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sanio Tonio

We just got back from a fun weekend in San Antonio. But as megan kept saying "is this Sanio Tonio? We had a great time visiting Trish and Mike. We went to the ZOO, and loved the Hippos swimming in the water ,so Amazing.The weather was perfect so the animals were very active including the loud lion that roared, jaden that that was so awesome. We loved Sea World too, Jaden wasn't so sure about going he was afraid he was going to get Sea sick. (SO CUTe) We loved Shamu, and feeding the dolphins and all the great shows. We played lots of games and had some good laughs too. Can't wait to visit them again.


Tricia and Michael said...

YEA!! come back soon!!

Cathy said...

how fun!! i LOVE sea world! Im jealous. I miss seeing you, pal!

Sara Paul said...

Jack and I laughed at the cute pictures from your trip. We really miss you guys. Oh yeah, we also like the name Dora for your baby girl--go for it!!!