Monday, April 28, 2008

megans program

It has been so long since I have posted. we have been busy with school programs, soccer ,birthday parties, garage sales, trips to the east coast and more. So I will post more later.
of our exciting life it windy west texas.
Megans program was last week on my birthday what a treat. She was adorable and loved this song the best. Ben and I keep watching it. She goes to a baptist preschool so all the songs are about god. enjoy!


Tricia and Michael said...

did the girl next to megan end up with a bloody nose after an entire program? just checking, hope you don't have a law-suit on your hands right before the baby comes. that would suck! We love it!! And I can see why Jaden would be student of the month- he's GRRRRREAT!! miss you.

Laura said...

That is so sweet!

Sara Paul said...

I can laugh because we just went to Jack's preschool graduation. Boys and girls are sooo different. I was impressed by Megan. I had to laugh at the boy in the 2nd row on the left--that reminds me of my kids. Did the girl at the far right front row yawn?