Sunday, June 1, 2008

SHE'S HERE.........

Our round mound of baby-looking fun came tumbling to Lubbock on May 31st at 2:59 pm. We think she just didn't want a June birthday for some reason but only time will tell why! We also finally decided on a name.........Lainie Grace Wright. The spelling could also be Lanie, but I am doing good to remember her name at this point let alone how her mom wanted it spelled. Either way this 5 lb 14 oz 19 1/2 inches long ball of joy is here and we are so thankful that mom and baby are doing well. God has a hand in all baby births and this one was no different.

Now we can focus on catching up on some sleep and keeping the turns even for Jaden and Megan visiting and holding their sister. If I can get my first blog to work (no this isn't Natalie typing) then everyone can at least see a picture or two of a new angel and the four most biased family members in the world. We think she is cute!!!!



Ginet said...

She's adorable!!

The Gonzales Gang said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!!! God has truly blessed your family!! Congratulations Ben and Nat!!

Jaden-we know you're going to be an awesome Big Brother to 2 sisters, you've proven that already.

Megan-What a GREAT big sister and Mommy #2 you're going to be!!

Watch out guys, the ladies are in charge now!!

Love you all,
Billy, Wesa, Matt, Zach, Alex and Adri

Lisa said...

What a cute little girl. Congrats you guys!

Tricia and Michael said...

She is GORGEOUS!! or to quote megan "soooo cute!!" (that's just not as fun with out the sound, but you get the point.) Oh, I can't wait to hold her!! So glad everything went well. love you.

Laura said...

What a sweetie. I love that video of Megan and Lainey together. Hope the recovery goes well and that you somehow get enough sleep! Love your guts!

Laurel said...

Wow! She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!!! I have been calling you since last week trying to catch you before you delivered, but obviously, I was too late. I am so thrilled that things went well, and I can't wait to talk to you and hear all about it. I am sure this next month is going to be crazy for you, so I will wait awhile. I hope that you all adjust easily.

The Boyles said...

She is adorable- congratulations!
We wish you the very best with everything.