Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

The Beautiful View of Orchards

Grants Grove

WE love you G & G!

Jelly Belly Factory

Lanie On Easter ( SHe was not sure of the grass on her feet)

Megan and her Easter Basket

Happy Easter!

Gotta love those cute big cheeks

(The PIctures came out in the wrong order. I guess I better Blog more to figure out the right order LOL!)

My parents came to visit us Easter weekend! We had so much fun. We thought it would be a great Idea to take them to the Jelly Belly Factory.( along with the whole state of Cali). It was well worth the wait in line to see how they are made. Holy Cow! It is really intresting and soooo many Jelly Beans are made in one day. We got to try a few and then of course had to buy all of our favorite ones along with Jordan Almonds, Candy COrn , Swedish Fish etc..WE also took them to Sequia Nat'l Park. It was amazing! We couldn't make it all the way to the top because of snow and fog , But we did go to Grants Grove. They were cool trees. The Highlight of the trip was a man "Pepe" . WE bought fresh ORanges and Avacados from his little fruit stand. We had a fun easter egg hunt after church and ate way too much candy, along with Fresh Picked strawberrys for our short cake. Or as ben calls it LOng Cake!


Tricia and Michael said...

LONG cake. BAHHHH!! so clever is he. sounds delicious. glad your easter was fab. that little megan has got some ATTITUDE! I love it!

Marrott Family said...

I miss you guys so much!!! What a fun weekend!! Did they make you wear the hats in the jelly belly factory?

Gloria said...

Hi Ben, long time! Im glad to see you and your family are doing GREAT.
Saludos a to familia.

tammy said...

sounds like it was a fun visit. i'd like to see how jelly bellys are made. your kids are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and your cute kiddies! I can't get over how grown up Jaden is looking, how sassy Megan poses, and how squishy Lanie's cheeks are! They are all so stinkin' adorable. I can't wait to see you guys in the very near future! I also can't wait to have this baby :0) 19 Days or less until we have a birthday party around here. I hope that we can give little Lanie a girl cousin.......but I'm not holding my breath! Love you guys. Miss you tons. xoxox Aub

Chuck and Alli said...

Bailey has that same easter dress as Megan. I am glad you guys had fun. Your trip sounds good. See ya soon.

Laurel said...

The jelly belly factory sounds like lots of fun. I bet the kids enjoyed this. I am so happy that you have had so many visitors. And it has been a long time. I was wondering where you've been. What have you been up to?