Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sorry for the Break -

We apologize for the break from blogging. It has been a while since we posted anything. We know it is the same for everyone else but at the end and the beginning of the year it just seems like the days and weeks go by so much faster. What have we been up to lately? Some of Ben's family got together at Ben's brother's house in Arizona for Thanksgiving. We had a great time! We hiked, swam in the pool, played games, ate a ton, and watched the kids exhaust themselves. As always it didn't last long enough.

Us seeing the lights at the Arizona Temple. Notice the shorts, nothing like being in warm weather.

Most of our time is taken by 3 energetic kids. Lanie is tearing apart the house cupboard by cupboard and room by room all while trying to escape the motherly care of Megan.

By the look on her face she evaded Megan for a few minutes. No, she didn't fix the disposal but looks are decieving.

The kids were out of school and Ben had the day off work for Martin Luther King Day so we decided to drive up to the foothills and see if we could find snow. It has been raining a lot the last few weeks so it wasn't hard to find it. A word of advice if you are hunting snow. At least dress the part in case you find it. We played in it for 10 minutes and then got back in the warm van.

It is a good thing we didn't play longer because it really started snowing and we didn't take chains with us. We miss seeing the white stuff but I don't think we miss living in it or driving in it.

Jaden had his 1st Pinewood Derby last week. He designed his car to look like a Police Car (the MPD on the back stands for Modesto Police Department). Too bad it wasn't as fast as a police car and I will say we could use more of these type of cars around here.

We have also done our fair share of being lazy, watching movies, and playing games. It is a good thing school has started again.

Jaden and Megan have also been playing basketball. The next post will have to be some pics and videos from their games.


Marrott Family said...

Such pretty snow pictures! We have been jipped this year. Okay I'm thinking for sure it has been WAY too long since I've seen you guys! Road trip???

Tricia and Michael said...

lanie does look quite mischevious. yikes.

and apology accepted.

Michael and Amber said...

Great pics! I love the Arizona ones. I hope our warm weather returns soon. Lanie is such a cutie pie!

Laurel said...

Glad you had a nice break, and I am happy to see you back to the blogging world.

Anonymous said...

Agghhhhh, when are you coming back, Prez? We sure had fun over Thanksgiving. Miss your faces. Wish we lived closer. We wanna come visit. So hopefully sometime this summer or sooner. xoxo

Stacey said...

I laughed when I saw the pic of you and Ben at the top of your page. He he. So in love!!

Rochelle said...

Your family is SO CUTE!! So good to see you after all these years!!!