Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness

The pictures and videos to follow is Modesto's version of March Madness. It won't resemble what is about to take place in College Basketball but that is okay. Megan and Jaden were both in a 6 week basketball clinic and they loved it. It was fun to watch them play and as parents it was even more enjoyable that it didn't last for 3 months. We did have to paint a 3 point line out front just so the kids can count down their own winning shot. We can't wait for the real Madness to begin so we can all fill out our own bracket.

Look at that technique!

I know lousy video with the coaches in front but we were proud of Megan by not backing down to the bigger boys.

How about that defense? Jaden was really fun to watch. He couldn't hardly stand it when the games were over each week.

Congrats to the Aggies on their 3rd straight WAC Regular Season Conference Title. Utah State Hey Aggies all the way. Go Aggies, Go Aggies, Hey Hey Hey!!! Now let's win a game or two in the NCAA Tourney!


Jen said...

HI! This is so random... but you entered a giveaway I did on Ucreate. I went through and clicked on some of the people's profile's and came to yours. It was so random because I know Ben! We were neighbors at Utah State. I even came to your wedding :) Small world! Will you tell Ben that Jen Clayton says HI!? He was one of the funniest people I knew. Fun memories :) our blog is

Glad to see your family is well. You guys have such a cute family!!
Take care :)

Jen said...

Hey! Fun to hear from you :) This is the only way I know to write back... We live in Virginia and love it! Laura, Rochelle and Julie are doing great! They are all in the Salt Lake area. You can link to their blogs from mine. They will be happy to know you are alive and well (laura doesn't have a blog). Are you still in touch with any of your college buddy's? I don't know if you remember, but I still laugh at your joke about "Don't look now, but there is a horse eyeing you" LOL What a fun blast from the past! I also have the video of you cracking the eggs over Rochelle's and my head. fun memories!

Sara Paul said...

My kids still are trying to figure out which team Jaden is on. Have told them 5 times. My gosh I miss you guys. Jack is doing a 4 week clinic and it looks like the UT and CA teams have similar skills. Sweet!

Taggart Photography said...

BEN!!! It is so fun to see your cute family! What a blast from the past!

Okay, I have to join in on the whole egg/horse memory game too! I was looking through all of my old pics a while ago looking for mission pictures when I found a bunch of pics from Utah State! I have the pic of the egg smashing and I was laughing so hard! I also found some from Laura's farewell and remembered the horse joke too! So fun!

BTW, I always think of your family when we are planting our garden and I've even tried to explain how your family had that HUGE room full of yummy stuff from your family's garden! I seriously aspire to have something similar!

Good to hear from you!

Jen said...

HEY! Fun to hear you are still in touch with some of the old gang. I am sure you aren't surprised that all of us are still great friends. I had the best roommates ever.

We live in Roanoke, VA and absolutely LOVE it! It is such a pretty part of the country.

I will have to try using that egg trick sometime... I only know what it feels like to have the eggs cracked on my head. I might think it is funnier if I were the "cracker" :) So fun to hear from you and catch up! I will have to drop in from time to time and see your cute family. Are you on facebook? I could add some funny pictures of all of us so we could get a good laugh in :)

Michael and Amber said...

Great pics! The kids look like professionals out there ;)