Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July!

We had a really enjoyable weekend leading up to and a few days after the 4th of July. We went camping near Lake Tahoe with Ben's Sister Melissa, her husband Chad, little Boy Chase, and dog Bear over the 4th of July weekend. As far as camping is concerned, we had a great time swimming, playing horseshoe's (they take it serious in Tahoe), video games, and basketball, and overall catching up. Tahoe Valley Campground was an excellent host. It is a good thing when Jaden isn't bored. We watched the Fireworks on the Lake, ate our fair share of strawberries and of course too much good food, learned to play the new game Monopoly Deal and wished we were already retired.

Then.....we came home just in time for Ben's brother JR, his wife Aubree, and kids Carson, Brenner, and Avenlee to come visit. We showed them around the foothills near Modesto, went fishing at a trout farm, panned for gold, visited an old fashioned candy store, of course ate too much food, played even more Monopoly Deal, went swimming, and watched Brenner nearly puke over the smell of fish guts. Our only regrets are that either trip didn't last long enough and that we didn't have any more room for pictures in the camera. Aubree, can you send us your copies? Why can't good things last very long?

Us all at Tahoe Valley Campground!

Roasted marshmellows always make you smile-

Can you relax any more? Can I get you something to drink?

How many strawberries can you eat at once, let alone in 4 days?

Our Perch on Lake Tahoe for the Fireworks!

This is where the camera memory card is full! One of the fish we grilled after our visit to the Trout Farm! Would you believe that all of the kids liked how it tasted?


Tricia and Michael said...

I'm glad yall like deal. we still play it almost every night, and i can't blame brenner for puking at fish guts. gross. I'm a little jealous of the camping, and glad you had fun!

I miss you guys so much and the pictures make it even WORSE!! keep them coming. so sad to miss you in ut too.

Lisa said...

Can you say Homesick, Homesick, Homesick, for all of you and your fun trip? Girls camp won't fill the void!! We are glad you had fun and hope we can have the whole fam together sometime soon.

Marrott Family said...

That was just as fun as it looks on pictures! You are way ahead of my girlie....we miss you guys already! and ditto on the retired business :)

Carrie said...

Dude, I'm not a particularly squeamish eater, but I don't know about that trout!

Tahoe looks/sounds great. It's still on our list....planning maybe to make it there next summer. Perhaps you'll have some pointers for us when the time comes?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I'm sad we missed Chases cute face!! I know not all of us would have made it alive though, if we tried to drive the extra hrs to Tahoe. UGGGHHHHH. But glad we got to see your adorable kiddos. Miss you guys already. I look through the pictures and laugh....good times were definitely had. Thanks for letting our rowdy bunch crash in good ol Modesto. It was blast and we can't wait to come back