Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Fun

The kids getting ready for the Trunk or Treat at our church.
We have a ballerina, Lady Bug and Mario. J is not to happy because I made him wear the mustache in the picture. But Lanie bugs is...

J decided to paint his pumpkin like Tylung on KungFu Panda. He did a good job.

Megan really got into carving pumpkins this year.

One night we made these spider cookies. They were fun to make.

Trick or Treating on Halloween. Megan loves to take pictures with Jaden.

Getting ready to go out Trick or Treating with some of our friends.
They had a blast running from house to house and got ALOT of candy!!

Our Cute little Lady Bug.
We have had a very fun and busy month.
Playing pass the Hot pumpkin game. Carving pumpkins. Making cookies. Going to their School Fall Festival. Trunk or Treating and Trick or Treating and Surviving Ben being good for 5 days. I love October and can't believe it is already over.


Laurel said...

Sounds like fun! The kids are adorable as always. What is Surviving Ben for 5 days?

Lisa said...

Your trick or treaters are very cute! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Tricia and Michael said...

they are so cute!! i'm seriously impressed with jadens painting skills. nicely done.

tammy said...

looks like it was a great october!

Michael and Amber said...

Loved the 'stach! The kids costumes were so great!

Sara Paul said...

Jaden makes me laugh--how do you keep a straight face?