Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh to be Eight!

Last Saturday Jaden turned 8 years old! It does not seem like he is 8, nor does it seem like he was born 8 years ago. Sorry to say it again but how time flies.

When turning 8 in the LDS Faith comes the decision whether or not to be baptized. Jaden not only decided to be baptized but he was able to be baptized on the day of his birthday, October 3rd. We had a wonderful weekend with several family members coming to participate! Ben's parents came along with Ben's sister, Lisa, and her daughter, Ella. Natalie's parents came along with Natalie's sister, Lori, her son, Laran, and their friend Danielle. We had a relaxing BBQ and party at the park on Friday. On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market before Jaden and Megan's soccer games. In the afternoon was the Baptism and that evening we had cake and ice cream and Jaden opened some presents. The weather was perfect.

On Sunday we all relaxed and watched General Conference. During and in between all of this we ate plenty of food which of course included lots of Fruits and Veggies from Lindon, Utah. Happy Birthday Jaden and Congratulations on your big day/weekend/decision!

Mom and our sweet boy

Do you see any drool? Dora does

The Lego Lovers!!

How happy is he? And he read every single word in every single card before opening the presents!

Like Father Like Son

A small portion of our great families

Thanks to Aunt Lisa and Ella for the awesome candy gram and decorated door

Our two favorite soccer players
The surprise birthday door

We love you Jaden!!


Elsa said...

aaaah....what a happy family!!
you are so lucky

Carrie said...

Seriously, how is that possible?

Happy birthday, Jaden!

Marrott Family said...

Oh man I am soooo sad we missed it!!! I thought for sure that would be the next time we'd come to California....now we have to think of another reason....:)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend! We miss you all ready. Ella reminds us of all the fun she had and the new songs she learned!!

Lisa said...

Crazy to think Jaden is old enough to be baptized. Congrats to all of you! We miss you guys.

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday Jaden! I am so glad that he had a fun weekend, and that is so wonderful that lots of your family got to share in the moment.

tammy said...

When did that happen! How could he be eight already!

The Boyles said...

Wow- I can't believe Jaden is 8 either. I know it is a little late but tell him happy birthday from Jordan and all of us - we sure miss all of you :)