Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey we made it to california!The kids are adjusting well. They love this new park and we have to go almost everyday to it. Which is fine by me. The weather here is perfect! I am starting to make my way around and have found more parks the kids like and some fun shopping. But the sonic is far away and not very good:( I do miss texas and all my friends there especially Down Memory lane. I did go to a store here which was good, but it won't ever be the same:( Jaden will start school on Monday . Which makes me happy for him but sad for me. The school he will go to is year round. So I will have to adjust to that too.But here are a few pics from our favorite park.I guess I will have to show some pictures later.


Cathy said...

post some pics of the house too!! I am hearing more and more people say they prefer year round school. what is the schedule?

Laurel said...

I am so glad that you all made it ok and are liking it. The pictures are great! It looks like you are all having fun. Good luck with everything and send me your new address and phone number soon.

Carrie said...

Woman! I just followed your post from my blog and I am so excited to hear from you! We heard that you'd moved but realized we didn't have your email addresses anymore and weren't sure how to get in touch. We are totally going to be in Reno this weekend and were trying to get hold of you to meet up with you there, if you were going, so that would be completely awesome! Email me at and I'll send you my phone # so we can talk!