Thursday, August 7, 2008

pictures from the park!

This is our new favorite park Freedom.
Oh they love it when I ask them to take a picture together
for mom.

What cutie pies!

This is a fun new toy at the park .

Even lanie likes being outside in california, THere is NO wind!

Lanie is warming up to daddy now, she wasn't so sure of him for
a couple of days . After he was away to california.

Jaden loves the water at this park and gets all wet so he can get some good air off the
big slide!


Camille said...

Hi! I'm so glad you updated your blog! I've been thinking about you guys and wondered if you were out here yet.

That looks like a fun little park. That's funny that you commented about the "no wind." I remember thinking the same thing when I came back to Cali after being there in Lubbock. Seriously, that wind........I don't miss it!

Your kids are so cute! I hope Jaden likes his new school.

Tim+Laura+Drew+Sarah said...

Natalie, DML misses you too!!!

The Gonzales Gang said...

Yipppeee!!! Finally!!! A new post!! We were waiting anxiously to see some pics of Cali. We're glad you are all back together again!! Happy First Day of School in Cali Jaden. Hmm, funny... there hasn't been any wind since the Wrights left town. LOL!! We miss you all soo much and wish we could join you at your new park - It looks like it's ALOT of FUN!!! Keep us posted!! We've never been to Cali, so we'd love to see more pictures!! Take care friends!!

Tricia and Michael said...

yea, well you do have in and out. how's that for a trade up?? i'm MELTING in SA, its a slow and painful death. glad to see some new photos and hear you're having fun and enjoying cali!!

Lisa said...

We miss you. We will look forward to a trip to the "Freedom Park" someday. We hope things settle in soon.