Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Special Award

Jaden got a special award this week at school. He was given the most outstanding First grader award in the whole school. Which is only given to one student from the Principal. This is what his teach wrote about him: Jaden is an outstanding first grader! He is funny and sweet, a good friend to others and a very responsible student. He is always on task! He is a wonderful reader and he loves to write -especially about his family.He joined our class last month, and we are so glad and proud that he is a member of our classroom family!
I am so thankful he got such a great start at school in Texas. He really loves school and has made lots of new friends! I did video tape it but there was a baby in the background crying so I will save every ones ears for now. Super job Jaden!


Marrott Family said...

Jaden what a rock star!! I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work buddy! When you gonna come see us again?

Laurel said...

Good job Jaden! That's wonderful!

Sara Paul said...

Jaden, you are the best student in California! I miss you so very much. You are a great example to your cousins. Congratulations.