Friday, November 7, 2008

Visiting Elder Wright

waiting to surprise Elder Wright

walking laps around the nurses station

Elder Wright and Lanie

ouch! 24 staples!

Happy Camper

The Bishop what a sweet sweet man

We made the two hour drive to Napa yesterday to visit Elder Wright. He was doing great. It was kinda weird to see him at first since it had been 18 months since we saw him last.But then again at the same time it felt like yesterday. He was pretty shocked to see us at his the door. He is doing very well considering he erupted his spleen and bruised his kidney,from falling off a rope swing. He has had many visitors and seem to be in good spirits since he missed his first baptism on his mission the the day of the accident. We are so thankful that nothing else happened to him.We had a great visit with him and got to spend a few hours at the hospital. Megan kept saying to me "mom I though Shaun was on a mission". One day they will realize how lucky they were to see Uncle Shaun on his mission.We love you Elder Wright!!!


Marrott Family said...

Thank you so much for sharing your visit with us!! You know we would all love to go and visit Elder Wright!! He is looking good!!! I've heard nothing but great things about his bishop!!! I am so glad he has good people to take care of him!!! Thanks a million!!!

Tricia and Michael said...

I would have LOVED to see his face when you surprised him!! thanks for the update!! He really does look good! we're glad you were able to make the trip and send him a little bit of ALL of our love :)

Lisa said...

How great you could go see him. Crazy that he had to have that surgery. Who would have thought a rope swing could do so much damage! Glad he is doing ok.

Sara Paul said...

Thanks again for going to see Shaun and giving us the updates. You are the cutest family. You represent the Wright family very well.

Maddock Family said...

Apparently the "Hurricane" doesn't run in the Wright gene pool. It was only given to BEN!!!!! ;)