Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School

Oh the First Day Of School! I still get butterflies in my stomach and can hardly sleep at night, and I am not even going to school. The first day of school was last week August 3rd. I can't believe it is time to go back already. I was sad at first because we had a great summer vacation. But I was also happy because then they don't have time to fight with each other. The past two weeks have been horrible. They play well together but they do have their moments and we defiantly had more and more of them lately. Anyways, they were so excited for their first day! Megan could hardly wait. She said all morning that her stomach hurt and we told her you probably have butterflies in your tummy and she said " I do , How did they get in there".
LOL. I warned the kids the night before that I would be taking lots of pictures but I won't bore anyone with them all but here are a few from that day.
Two Happy kids and One happy Mom, (Except for the first Day I do get a tear or two.)
Jaden going into Second grade.

He was excited to have some friends in his class .

Megan all ready for Kindergarten. She was so Happy !

Just look at that face, she had a great first day! This is Megan's cute hat she made! She also made a new buddy . They get along so well. We have already had some play dates this week. This is going to be a great year.( Even though we have had a few tears). The week went by way too fast! Before I know it they will be going into High School. Until then ,I am just going to SOAK it all in as much as I can. They are just both so energetic and love learning new things. This is a great age and I can't wait to have many more adventures with them in Elementary School.


Lisa said...

So cute!! I all ready get a little teary eyed myself thinking of Ella going to 1st grade (I can handle pre-school and glorified pre-school aka Kindergarten) and it is still 3 years away!! See you in a month.

Marrott Family said...

So so fun & sad at the same time!! I'm glad she liked it and finally got those butterflies out of her tummy!! Wish I could come see you guys in Oct!

Tricia and Michael said...

so THAT'S where the catterpiller went!! what cuties! glad to hear it all went well.

Cathy said...

I cant believe megs is in kindergarten!! and I love the new family pic!!! miss you chicken!!!

Laurel said...

I am so glad that everything is going well for them and that they love school, and that Mommy loves some alone time with Lanie. Good for all of you!