Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Fun 5 Days!

Ben's sister Ericka, her husband Jeff, and their family, Justin, Brandon, and Darren made the 11+ hour drive West to Modesto. We had a blast and took advantage of the excuse to go do a lot of things. First of all we met them on their way into the State at Coloma State Park (aka Gold Discovery Park) and Sutter's Mill.

It was not as educational as we thought it would be nor was it like Ericka and Ben remembered as little kids but it got us out of Modesto and it gave the Olsen's a chance to get out of the truck instead of driving straight to Modesto. We played in the River and watched people pan for gold.

The kids enjoyed entertaining one another, riding in the same car, and singing to the radio and CD's. When we were home we watched movies, played the Wii, and played cards.

I am sure they were all tired of being in the car but Brandon took it the hardest. It was so painful he pulled out two of his teeth to help pass the time.

Yosemite, as expected, was spectacular. This picture is right in front of El Capitan where people stop and look at the rock climbers. I think Jeff located some.

We then went to Mariposa Grove - a grove of Sequioa Big Trees within Yosemite. The pictures don't do justice for what you see with your eyes. We took a 2 mile hike to get a better view.

This is us in front of the Grizzly Giant.

On our hike we saw a deer and walked through the Tunnel Tree!

Our camera batteries died at Glacier Point so this is one of the only pictures we got. One of these days we are hiking to the top of Half Dome. How can you live here and not check that off your list?

In addition to spending one whole day in Yosemite and watching the sun set while at Glacier Point (we arrived home at 1 am), we went to the Jelly Belly Factory. The Olsen's drove through San Francisco and across the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, and Richmond Bridges. I guess they will have to come back since we didn't get to do some of the other things on our lists.
Thanks for coming to visit!


Lisa said...

It looks like so much fun. We can't wait for our turn. You guys are wonderful hosts. See you soon.

Tricia and Michael said...

Sounds AMAZING! I love that pic looking for the rock climbers. so funny! Miss you guys. . . if michaels siblings quit getting engaged we'd plan a trip out to CALI too! maybe summer 2011? . . . unless you'll be back in texas by then? (i can dream right?)

Carrie said...

Fun! We need to get cracking on all the outdoorsy stuff this state has to offer. We don't do a whole lot of the outdoors unless it involves a football stadium.

Ginet said...

Half Dome is on our "to do" list too. We should conquer it together!

Hey, we are thinking of going to Merced over Labor Day. Will you guys be in town?

Anonymous said...

Yea I think the reason sutters mill isn't how they remembered it is because it never happened. At least not in the past 31 years. Then again maybe it was so unimpactful that I don't remember it at all.


Cathy said...

how fun! there is so much to do out there! and i love the pics of the kids on the side truly unfortunate about the batteries dying :(