Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Over -

Where did July go? For us that means summer is over. With living in California comes modified year round school. We may be complaining about it now but when we are sleeping in from Thanksgiving until after New Year's and with a month off in April we will deal with it. Too bad we aren't Teachers and get that time off right?

We had an enjoyable month of summer. A Trip to Utah was our getaway. We camped, played, rode the 4 wheeler, ate, swam, jumped off a zipline, golfed, played some more, swam some more, ran/walked a 5k/10k, and laughed while hanging out with family. Too bad we all don't get together more often. We had a blast and it was nice to relax!


Lisa said...

We really miss you guys! Looks like you had a great trip to Utah. Hopefully we will be able to meet up there sometime soon. It was fun to read about your last 365 days, and think about all we have done in that same time.

Susan said...

Great family pic! Megan looks like she has grown...she looks so tall! Hope all is well in California : )