Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wicked Weekend!

So not only was Wicked cool but so was the rest of the week and weekend. As mentioned in the Wicked Post; Lisa, Byron, and Ella came to visit. We had a great time driving through San Francisco, hanging out, visiting Modesto's Splash Parks, Disc Golfing, playing cards and games, eating lots of food (we had to visit In N Out more than once), watching football, going to the Farmer's Market, and visiting the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk followed by a relaxing drive up Highway One on the coast. The only thing is that time went by way too fast!

Gotta love those San Francisco Streets

Natalie and Lisa Showing off their Wicked Shirts

Megan and Ella at the Splash Park

Watching Princess Movies in Princess Pajamas

Belle and Cinderella

How about that view

Notice Natalie is the only one wearing a sweatshirt

Lanie learning to surf

A good view of the Beach and Boardwalk

A view from Highway One


Tricia and Michael said...

omg! i am in love with that pic of them in princess dresses!!! in LOVE! we sooo need to plan OUR trip to cali. weddings seem to keep interrupting our plans {not that i'm complaining, i love those too)

I also love the shirts. and wish we lived closer to the beach. basically, I love your entire post! ha ha

As for natalie wearing a swearshirt. . . . It IS officially fall you know. . . so it's allowed {although I still may think she's a little crazy} Love/Miss you guys!

Lisa said...

Thanks again for everything! Pictures have a way of making one smile--until next time!

Shaun said...

How far up Highway One did you go? In-N-Out is totally worth the drive to anywhere you are going. Wish i could make it out next weekend, :(.

Laurel said...

Looks like you had fun! What's with the sweatshirt, Nat? Jordan has been wanting to see Wicked for awhile now. We had plans to go see it in London in December, but that is obviously not happening now.