Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Day

Megan and her High School Musical Barbie car.

Jaden playing his Leapster

Lanie fell asleep with all the Chaos of packing for Utah

Lanie liked eating the bows.

Our best christmas gift this year!(lanie loo)

The girls in their matching snow hats.

The kids on Christmas morning!
Merry Christmas ! We love you tons!

We had a wonderful sunny Christmas in California! The kids were so excited about what Santa had brought them. Jaden got a skateboard( so he can fit in with all of his friends here!) and Pokemon cards and a mini Ipod and star war Lego's and leapster games.. Megan got a Barbie house and little pet shop toys and a pink leapster with a princess game.Lanie got a book and a phone and clothes from Santa.It was a fun day opening presents and seeing the kids faces light up. ( I was a little worried that it wouldn't all come together but it did.) Jaden kept saying this is the best day of my life! And it was a great day!


Marrott Family said...

Its usually the best day of my life too!! I love what comes from the mouths of babes!!! I need to get my Christmas stuff posted....

az#2 said...

Hey there - from a Lubbock friend who has moved to Oklahoma. Lost your blog address for a while, but have found you now - everyone looks like they are doing well! Lanie is such a sweet heart. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll catch up with you laters.

C Ya,

Cathy said...

That picture of Lanie sleeping in the bumbo is so precious! glad you had a great christmas!!

Laurel said...

I am glad that you had fun! It is nice to be home for Christmas! I like the picture of Lanie sleeping in the chair. You can tell it was a fun-filled day!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the cutest family ever! I am still so bummed we didn't get to see ya this season, but we will soon! Luv ya