Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Eve

What sweethearts!

Lanie loved to grab everything!

The kids coloring before dinner.

Our yummy feast!

Lanie's First Christmas!

OOps this was in utah, more pics coming soon.

We had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve! The kids were way excited! We ate our Christmas "Feast" provided by our secret Santa. And then we opened our Christmas PJ's . And then we took the kids to Christmas tree lane.( it's a real name of a street) the whole street in decorated in Christmas lights.And we sang songs in the car and drank hot chocolate.Then we came home and set out cookies for Santa and feed his reindeer. And watched to movie elf. It was a fun night!


Tricia and Michael said...

Lanie looks so big!!! I need to see her again quick.

Marrott Family said...

What a fun Christmas!! Yay for Christmas elves!!! We need more posts from Utah baby!!! I keep missing all that commotion!!!

Anonymous said...

We totally need to spend next Christmas together! You guys know how to have fun! Elf is one of my all time Fave's and just to be laughing and hangin' out with you two is always a treat. Plus, you have some of the cutest kids ever! We totally miss you guys. Love ya.

Sara Paul said...

Barbie car? If I had known that, my Christmas plans would have changed. When you guys come out this summer Megan and I are going to play barbies together, hopefully she stills likes them by then. That and charades.