Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oakland Temple Trip

We took a little family trip to San Jose the monday before christmas. It was fun , the kids thought they were in heaven staying in a hotel. At one point Jaden said I wished we lived here. After spending most of the day in a hotel while Ben took his test I was ready to leave.After Ben was finished We drove over to the Oakland Temple. We have wanted to go there since we moved here.So we made it a Family Home Evening night. It was a beautiful temple. I couldn't get over a palm tree decorated in christmas lights that cracked me up.( But I also havn't lived in Cali for very long)Anyways it was a fun night, and we got to see some amazing sculptures of christ in the Visitor Center.


tammy said...

what was ben's test? hope he did well on it. was it a long day in the hotel room with the kiddos? it sounded like a fun trip. the oakland temple is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That temple is so pretty! If you think its funny to see palm trees all decked out just think of cactus.....lights and all! It sounds like a dangerous job, but so many people do it here! Cute kids. When are you coming to visit?

Laurel said...

Yeah. More postings. The pictureo of the kids is really good. Lanie is adorable with those big blue eyes.