Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wright's Rockin New Years Eve Party!

Grandpa and Chad trying to cut
those darn potatoes without laughing.

Ben, Chad & Par cooking up the good stuff.
( It's so cold you can see Ben's breath Brrr!)

Megan just loved Great Grandma Huffaker, she
had a strong connection to her. She always wanted to be
by her. It was so sweet . We love you grandma. Who would guess she
is 90 years old.

Happy 7 months Lanie!

The much anticipated Feast!
It was so yummy!

Playing sequences for Kids with Grandma
and Ericka and Jack.

Charades with kids was so funny.
I think Brandon is saying he is Cold
or I love you!

Time to ring in the New Year. Ben
tackled me in the snow for my New
Years Kiss.

Happy New Year Ben, I love you!

Lisa ,Ella and Byron

All the boys loved playing the Wii.

We had a blast on New Years. Ben's family has an awesome party. They cook a lot of food , and then we play games all night. The kids had fun playing with their cousins. Happy New Year! We hope that 2009 will be a Happy year!


tammy said...

the party looked like it was fun!

Lisa said...

I hope 2009 is a Happy Year too! Thanks for the pictures. We have so much fun together as a family.

Sara Paul said...

Thanks for much for posting these pictures. I knew we were missing out on a good time. Okay, you know what I mean when I say you have not lived until you have played Charades with kids. What a crack up! All of the actions look the same to me. I just keep guessing the same thing--Are you a dog? We have laughed so much I can only imagine what a fun night you had laughing at my kids. Thanks so much for making Jack and Colby's holiday. They didn't even know we were gone. I cannot wait to see you guys again......

Laurel said...

Looks like you all had fun! It was much more eventful than our New Year's. We were asleep before midnight and just had a quiet evening at home. It was still nice though.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know you are not aloud to have fun without us? Oh, we sure miss you guys. Love you guys and hopefully we can come to Cali soon and visit. You know you are ALWAYS welcome in AZ so come fast!

Bryan, Stacie, Claire and Buddy said...

Nat- your little family is so cute. I hope that life is well for you guys.